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GermanyVine growing culture reached Germany already in the 1. century A.D. when Romans brought along the first vine trees.

The first bottled wine, apparently dating from 325 A.D. was also found in Germany, where cooler and warmer climate periods have been slowing or promoting vine growing activities for centuries.

Medieval Germany saw monasteries, offering pilgrims food and shelter, developing into local wine making centers. 

19. century German white wines were rated as highly as Bordeaux’ red wines, and were as pricy as top French mansion wines. Unfortunately the following wars ravaged Germany and damaged significantly local wine culture.

Majority of German vine growing regions are in the Western and the South-Eastern parts of the country, while 85 % of vinyards are bearing white grapes.

German wine culture reached Estonia with “Liebfraumilch” being at the top of its popularity. This flowery, fruity and affordable wine quickly conquered the hearts of sweet wine consumers.